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Arcalion has always been popular for its ability to enhance the physical and mental stamina of an individual. However, research studies have revealed that this medication is useful for treating spec ific conditions and chronic ailments too. For instance, people suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthenia (abnormal loss of strength), diabetes, renal disease or hypothyroidism have experienced benefits too.

Nonetheless, this drug’s major function is to create alertness and wakefulness in people, who are victims of abnormal sleeping patterns. Also known as, sulbutiamine, Arcalion is the artificial derivative of vitamin B or thiamine. 

Working mechanism of Arcalion

Similar to thiamine, the nootropic drug (smart drug that enhances cognitive functions), Arcalion is responsible for helping your body utilise the carbohydrates that enter it. In fact, it aids in appropriate distribution of energy in all your bodily cells. In turn, the cells become healthier, thereby ensuring that all organ systems function properly.

Whenever you consume this medication, it will enhance the flow of blood to your brain. The brain is the main part of the central nervous system. As soon as the drug enters the blood stream, it creates some alterations at the sites of receptors in the brain, such as acetylcholine, glutamine and dopamine. We refer to these receptors/natural chemicals as neurotransmitters. They take charge of your mental health, your emotions, protection of the central nervous system, etc. When Arcalion ‘tampers’ with their functioning, it ensures that your mental functions improve. These functions relate to concentration, mood swings, memory, etc.

Benefits of Arcalion nootropic drug

Thiamine itself is perfectly capable of improving your cognitive capacities. However, the blood stream does not absorb it as easily as it does by the medicine. Therefore, low levels of thiamine reach the brain, and are not sufficient to perform the requisite tasks. Sulbutiamine, instead, manages to cross the blood-brain barrier. This barrier refers to a semi-permeable membrane, which acts as a wall between blood circulating in the skull and the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain. All materials, whether they are in the form of large or small molecules, have to cross this barrier effectively, in order to reach the brain. This medication does this admirably well!

Dosage of sulbutiamine nootropic pills

  • Several websites will offer you the drug at cheap prices. Do not be tempted to buy sulbutiamine online, in bulk, without consulting a qualified medical practitioner.
  • The doctor will tell you that you should take just about one pill a day.
  • Sometimes, depending upon your need and health status, he/she may advise a schedule of twice a day.
  • Your specific dosage will depend upon your age, gender, health status, diet and nutrition, bodily weight, the extent of your illness, pathological condition of your body, possible interactions with other drugs that you may be consuming and your tolerance to this medication.
  • Therefore, be completely honest with the healthcare provider about your past and present medical histories.
  • Talk about your past and current medications/supplements, as well as allergies, if any.
  • The actual strength of each Arcalion tablet is 200 mg.
  • The maximum dosage permitted in a day (24 hours) is 600 mg.
  • You may take it with food, or without it.
  • However, if you consume this pills without food, you should receive maximum benefits.
  • Now, the medication is in the form of a tablet. You are not supposed to chew it, break it or create a powder from it, but consume it whole.
  • Since it is in the form of a tablet, there is a gradual release of the ingredients within, thereby prolonging the half-life (the time required for something to fall to half of its actual value) and effects of the drug.


  • After you buy Arcalion online, make sure that you store it away from excessive heat and moisture.
  • The room temperature should be below/just about 30° centigrade.
  • Ensure that the drug remains out of reach for children and pets.

Precautions is must before using Arcalion

  • You may not continue to consume throughout life. At the most, you may continue treatment for anywhere between 7 and 14 days.
  • If you feel that this medicine has not helped in any way, you may consult the doctor again.
  • He/she will decide if you should extend the treatment, enhance the dosage, or go in for an alternative to sulbutiamine.
  • In case, your physician is opting for a higher dosage, request advice regarding possible side effects or adverse reactions. Only then, place an online sulbutiamine order.
  • Are you on anti-depressants? It may not be wise to consume sulbutiamine too. It is possible that you will not receive benefits from either medication and instead experience adverse reactions.
  • Then again, are you on drugs to improve memory and other cognitive functions? Be honest with your doctor.
  • No one under 18 years of age must consume this pills.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers had best avoid this drug too.
  • Even a woman, who is striving to conceive, should opt for medical advice, prior to consuming this medication.
  • Note that it is all too easy to become addicted to the drug. Therefore, overdosing is never advisable.

Side Effects of Arcalion ( sulbutiamine )

  • Every kind of drug has some side effects, depending upon a sensitive/tough constitution.
  • It is the same with this medication, wherein you may experience headache, irritation or a loss of appetite.
  • Sometimes, there is nausea, tiredness or inability to sleep.
  • However, these are short-term in nature, and should go away soon.
  • If you are an elderly person, they may seem more enhanced in nature, accompanied by agitation and mood swings too.
  • Whatever is the case, you must rush to the nearest emergency room if these symptoms continue for an abnormally long time.
  • Although allergic reactions are rare, it could be that you display rashes/hives on your skin and swelling.
  • Alternatively, you may find it difficult to breathe, as your chest feels ‘tight’.
  • Sometimes there is enhancement in the levels of uric acid, renal failure, or even conjunctivitis.
  • Since allergies or difficulties with organ functioning are not something that should be taken lightly, consult an experienced physician immediately.

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