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Depression is a common term which is used by many, but the person who is going through this can only feel how precarious this disorder is. Depression may change a person totally, the person who is affected with depression may not feel any kind of emotion but they can feel a constant sadness and emptiness in them.  Depression can worsen over time if it is not treated, medical attention is very necessary to treat depression. The reason for depression has always been unexplained, but this depression can affect a person due to social factors, environmental aspects, psychological elements and even when this kind of disorder has been affected a family member in the past. 

The Depressed person Is not considered to be mentally unstable like many people view this disorder, the only thing the depressed person may lack is some important emotions such as happiness, the affected person may not have the interest to do things which gives them pleasure and the inability and imbalances may affect their day to day activity, it is as simple as that. But seeking the help of the health adviser is very essential because this may aid the depressed person to live a happy life again.

The person who is depressed can share how they feel to their consultant and about any past problems of a family member who have suffered from depressive disorders; this can help the clinician to treat you properly.  The depressed person may feel very sad, miserable and dejected persistently so to treat this disorder the health experts prescribe a medication which boosts up their brain and other tensed nerves.

The most effective medicine

Many health advisers prescribe Escitalopram to treat depression and other anxiety disorders; this medicine is traded under different brand name such as Lexapro it is known as an antidepressant, this medicine falls in the class of medicine called the serotonin It affects the brain chemically, research suggests that a person may be affected with depression when there is an imbalance in the chemicals of the brain.

Order Escitalopram medicine works on the depressed person brain and also treats anxiety disorder for adults, this medication is usually taken orally. Consult with your health adviser to be properly treated with Lexapro. Buy Lexapro Online this medication can aid the affected person to recover from the depression and more than fifty percent of patients who have suffered from anxiety disorder have also been recovered by using Escitalopram.

Right dose of Escitalopram pills

• The initial dosage for Lexapro to treat depression is 10 mg, but this medication dosage may vary according to the condition of the patient. The dosage can be increased gradually up to 20 mg’s and this increase in the dosage may be done by taking at least a week break.

• Escitalopram should be consumed regularly according to the prescription of the health adviser, do not skip the dosage if you have forgotten to take this medicine to, try to take it when you remember. But do not take any extra dosage of this medicine.

• This medication should be taken orally and maintain the daily dosage prescribed by your physician. The daily dose may usually be 10 to 20 mg. For more details about the daily dosage consult and seek the advice of the medic.

• The mechanism of this medicine is very slow; it takes over more than a week for you to feel the results of this medicine.

• The dosage for anxiety disorder is similar to the dosage for the depression; the dosage of this medication may vary for children because they can be sensitive for this medicine so a lesser dose is prescribed for them.

• Do not take Lexapro without the prescription of the doctor, to experience the proper benefit of this medication always consult the clinician.

Dispose of it off correctly

• Escitalopram medicine should be confined in a container so that the air cannot go inside.

• Do not store Escitalopram in any wet area or a place where there is direct sunlight this can affect the working mechanism of this medicine.

• Do not store it in places like bathrooms, kitchens or on the balcony but keep it in a safe place where your children or pets cannot reach out.

• Other people cannot consume this medication without the prescription of the health adviser so keep it in a place where it is not easily visible.

• The medic suggests that there are procedures by which this medication can be disposed of, so consult with your pharmacist on how to dispose of it. But usually this medicine should not be flushed in the toilets, it should not be disposed of in the garbage; do no try to burn it in order to dispose of it.

• For any further details about the disposal and the storage consult your pharmacist.

Buy Lexapro Online and it's Safety measures before consume

• Antidepressant medications such as Escitalopram can be overwhelming and they can increase the miserable feeling of suicide, this effect can be more on children and teenagers so monitor their activities closely.

• There are many types of depressive disorders and this pill is not effective in treating bipolar disorder so consult with your health adviser what type of depression you are undergoing.

• There are many inactive ingredients and components used in this Lexapro medicine so talk about all your allergies to the clinician. If you get any allergies after taking these medicines immediately talk to your doctor about it.

• This serotonin which is released from Lexapro pills may cause hallucinations and dizziness so do not drink any alcoholic beverages before taking this medicine, because it may worsen the dizziness.

• Pregnant women should not consume this medication; it can harm the unborn child and also the mother. So do not consume it without any prescription of the medic.

Side effects of consuming Lexapro

The most common and usual after effects of using this medicine is

• Extreme giddiness, wooziness and feeling weak and shaky.

• Being overly anxious, feeling sweaty and feeling wobbly.

• Being sleep deprived, not being able to sleep and other sleep conditions such as insomnia.

• Feeling thirsty due to dry mouth and lowering of appetite.

• Queasiness and constipation.

• Increase or decrease in weight.

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