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All of us suffer from many general health issues. Nowadays there are so many health issues caused by bacteria and virus. Some of these viruses go away as we take medicine and some might still be there in your body even after the problem has solved. The virus that causes cold sores is one of these kinds that still remain in your body even after you have treated sores. Hence, there is no cure for this. With the use of some anti-viral medicines, you can treat sores.

Cold sores are small red fluid filled lesions that usually occur on lips due to an infection from a particular virus. They may feel itchy, tingling and burning. Sores are most commonly treated by using an anti-viral medicine like Valtrex. The chemical name of Valtrex is L-valine and it has an active ingredient called Valacyclovir Hydrochloride which is the anti-viral medicine used in Cold Sores Treatment, shingles, herpes like genital herpes and chicken pox in children above 2 years of age. 

Action Mechanism (How Valtrex Product Works)

Cold sores are a result of infection caused due to the virus. This virus does not leave your body after curing sores and it still lives in your body. This means, there is a chance of reoccurrence of sores and herpes. Hence, an anti-viral is required to treat cold sores and herpes. Valtrex is an effective medication to treat outbreaks of cold sores herpes simplex, and shingle caused to due anti-viral and has an active ingredient Valacyclovir HCL which works by stopping the growth of this virus while reducing the pain and itching caused by sores and herpes. Use of medication also avoids quick re-occurrence and increases the time of re-occurrence of sores. It also works in reducing the severity as well.

Benefits of the product Valacyclovir

  • Valacyclovir is an antiviral that works on the virus causing sores and herpes. It stops the growth of this virus and also avoids the formation of new sores while on medicine. For this reason, it is advisable to start the medicine as soon you see symptoms of sores.
  • Upon starting with Valtrex, sores get healed faster and no new sores form.
  • It reduces the discomfort like itchiness, tingling feeling and pain caused by sores.
  • The medicine also reduces the severity of sores if they reappear along with increasing the length of time at which they reappear. 

Hence, it is considered to be very effective medicine.


Dosage And Storage Information Of Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

Your doctor will prescribe the right dose and the duration of the medicine depending on your infection. As this medication is used for many reasons, the dose will be different for different problems. In general, Valtrex is available in 1mg. The doctor may advise 1gm depending on your condition. Else, generally 2grams would be recommended to be taken 2 times in a day for the first day and there should be a time gap of 12 hours between the 2 doses.

It is also advisable to start taking Valacyclovir as soon as you see symptoms of sores. These pills work well if the dose is constant and there is a proper time gap between the doses.

Like any other medicine, these tablets should be stored in a cool and dry place.
For herpes, 1gm 2times a day for 7-10 days.

Precautions to be taken while using Valtrex

Just like any other medicine, when your doctor prescribes you a medicine, discuss your health condition including the medicines (like supplements or prescribed or unprescribed or herbal etc.) that you use as some medicines may interact with this pills. Also inform him about all major and minor health conditions, especially if you have any history of Kidney problems or bone marrow issues.

If you are pregnant and are suffering from Genital herpes, take the medicine to avoid herpes while you have the baby. Valacyclovir also passes into breast milk and hence be cautious while using this if you are breastfeeding. Check with you doctor on its usage in both pregnancy and breast feeding.

Valtrex is administered in different doses in children for different problems. Care is required while using in children.

If prescribed by your doctor, you can buy Valacyclovir from a pharmacy near you. With so many online pharmacies, you can even look to buy Valtrex online where the average price of the medicine per unit is $0.80 for 1gm of strength. Just be cautious that you are buying from a reputed site to avoid scam and also be sure to use safe payment modes.

Side Effects Of Valacyclovir Herpes Treatment Pills

Common side effects include nausea, headache, tiredness, rash and stomach pain.

Some serious side effects include hallucinations, speech problems, aggression, confusion, seizures, and kidney related problems like little urination, painful urination, swelling in ankles and feet and breathing difficulties.

Seek medical help in case of pale skin, fever, red or pink urination, bleeding from nose or gums, swelling of the face, hands or feet, feeling tired, weakness, red spots noticed bloody diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting.

User Reviews For Valtrex Antiviral Pill

For Genital herpes, this medicine has been found to be very effective and quite satisfactory in relieving the discomfort to the users. People reported having quick relief after using this medication for herpes. Overall, Valtrex is an effective oral antiviral pill that treats genital herpes.

For shingles, many have rated the medicine to be very effective in relieving pain. Some suggest that to have water and food before taking this medicine to avoid nausea and headache caused due to this medicine. Some say that there is a change in the duration of symptoms for shingles.

After using this medicine for cold sores, many have been very satisfied with the quick results obtained from it. While many said that it worked well to reduce the pain and slow the formation of new sores, a couple reported that the medicine did not work and that they had some side effects.

If you are looking to buy Valtrex, you can buy it from a pharmacy near you or you can even opt to Buy Valtrex Online cheaper where you get good discounts, free pills, and free shipping also.

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