Generic latisse FDA approved serum aid growth of eyelashes

buy generic LatisseLatisse is a prescription medicine that was originally created to treat eye diseases like glaucoma or other conditions. It is available in the form of eye drops. Latisse generic online can be brought from many well-known online pharmacies that sell good quality medicines. Today this medication is mainly known for its use to increase eyelashes in length as well as thickness. It is the first FDA approved medicine known to increase or extend the eyelashes. Even though, this was an unexpected side effect. The composition of bimatoprost is sold and known under its cosmetic formulation as Latisse. Generic Latisse is brought for the treatment of glaucoma. Also it is used by women who have discovered about it and wants to avoid using false eyelashes or mascara.

Does using Latisse really help grow your eyelashes?

Latisse causes significant changes in the density and length of eyelashes. If you have little or no eyelashes, or poor formation of them, and patients who suffers hair loss for example, due to chemo therapy, serum is widely prescribed to them. To find out where to buy generic Latisse online you can easily find out a list of drugstores which can provide you the package in your country. Visible changes occur usually within two to three months. Eyelashes grow longer, distinctively thicker and darker, and multiply in amount. Generic Latisse for sale might be available from time to time as of high demands for its cosmetic purpose. The form of bimatoprost which is used for treatment of glaucoma was sold under name of Lumigan, but this serum was mainly designed for its side effect of growing eyelashes. Applying this product everyday for about six or more weeks will show the result, but its effect lasts only as it is used regularly.

How to use this serum and its side effects

You can avail Latisse generic buy from a trusted online pharmacy that sells good quality medicine to avoid receiving or using any fake products. The medication is only to be applied on the upper eye lids.  Usually it comes in the gel form as it has to be applied carefully on the skin of the eyelid. Rather than in eye drops, as in Lumigan cause it needs to be applied in the iris or the sclera of the eye. The product has to be applied at the base from where the eyelashes grow. It is generally a harmless formulation. Generic for Latisse can be used daily under a doctor’s recommendation. The most notable side effect of this serum is darkening colour of the iris. And usually it’s a permanent change. That means, your eye colour could change forever. Among other common side effects is redness in the eye, temporary blurred vision, etc. The adverse condition that might be encountered is conjunctival hyperemia.