Is latisse serum perfect for eyelash growth treatment

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What is latisse?

The FDA approved medication latisse which was only used to treat an eye disease named glaucoma was accidentally seen to increase eyelash growth. Thus generic latisse used to grow eyelashes longer and fuller were bought by many women. This medicine works by increasing the eyelash’s growth phase and also by extending the number of hair that come out from the root of the eyelashes. So after applying generic latisse used as a eyelash enhancer for at least 3 weeks you will definitely be blessed with longer, curvier, thicker as well as darker eyelashes that will attract everyone’s attention. After this you can reduce the application of the drug to 3 days in a week and still look beautiful.

How to take care while using latisse?

Once you achieve maximal length of eyelashes with generic latisse, you should not stop to apply it completely. If you do so then your eyelashes will again be reduced to the natural size it was before you started the treatment. You should also clean any mascara that you have applied before going to bed as the water resistant ones will make your eyelashes dry and also brittle as well prone to easy breakage. If you are using eyelash curlers, then be very careful not to use a heated one as it will cause damage to your eyelash by reducing the moisture and making them fragile. You should also buy some vitamin E oil and condition your eyes with it on every alternate day. These will help you to have radiant and gorgeous eyelashes for all the time.

How can you buy latisse?

You can buy the medicine from a local or an online drug store. But while buying it online you should very sure about the quality of this serum as cheap imitations of the medicine is available at many online drug stores. You need to be careful while you buy generic latisse online as fake drugs are sold be many pharmacies online that also claim to make your eyelash grow. Hence you should be well informed about the online pharmacy that you select. Always buy that medicine that is approved by FDA in order to protect your eyes from unwanted side effects that are associated with this medicine. Moreover buying generic latisse lash-enhancing serum from an online shop will also help you to maintain some privacy and will also help you to avail the medicine at a much reasonable and discounted price.