Myths about herpes debunked and treatment with valtrex

pills valtrex for saleHerpes is a well-known sexually transmitted disease but sadly there is lack of awareness about how this infection affects people and what to do to keep it away. In fact, there are several myths surrounding herpes which makes it extremely difficult to understand what this disease is and how to fight off with it. People buy valtrex online cheap price from for better treatment of herpes. There are variations of valtrex that give you similar results. However, to get better treatment options and to learn to manage herpes like a pro, one should know and debunk the myths surrounding herpes.

Before we demystify certain myths, let’s know more about herpes. This information is crucial to be known by everyone along with affected individuals.

•    Herpes is developed due to a virus called herpes simplex virus.
•    Evidences have shown that people affected with herpes virus are more likely to get affected with HIV.
•    As per the estimated data, around 80% of people with genital herpes go unnoticed for a longer period of time. In this time span, affected people pass on the infection to others unintentionally.
•    The only way to diagnose herpes is through blood tests.
Here are some myths you need to know about herpes:

Myth 1 – Herpes gives you itchy rashes throughout your life

It is a total myth. You get itchy rashes when you experience outbreak and itchy sores develop. While some people do not show any kind of signs of symptoms throughout the life even after being affected with herpes so order valtrex online to get quick treatment.

Myth 2 – One can catch herpes virus from toilet seat

Herpes viruses cannot survive outside the human body and thus getting herpes infection via toilet seat is out of question.

Myth 3 – If your partner gets infected with herpes, he/she might have cheated on you

As mentioned earlier, people get infected with herpes and stay healthy without showing any kind of signs or symptoms. Therefore, you cannot jump to any conclusions when your partner gets positively tested for herpes. Instead, you can buy Valtrex treatment for cold sores 500mg dosage and show your support.

Myth 4 – People with herpes cannot donate blood

People with herpes can participate in blood donations program as long as they feel healthy and have no other infections, as per the American Red Cross organization.

Myth 5 – Herpes develops due to multiple sexual partners

It is true that having multiple sexual partners increases your risk of developing STDs. Contracting herpes could be because of that one unprotected exposure to the herpes virus.

Myth 6 – Routine screening can help detect or locate herpes

Unfortunately, there are no guidelines for herpes routine screening. If you are doubtful about it, you can ask your doctor to arrange tests for you.

Myth 7 – It is shameful to get affected by herpes but you have a medication to stop the growth with help of pills valtrex.

This myth should be busted before it affects someone mentally and emotionally. Getting infected with herpes is as normal as catching cold or other infections.

Herpes has no cure but one can purchase generic Valtrex from online pharmacy to treat the condition and to have better life despite being diagnosed with herpes.