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Best medicine for glaucoma and ocular hypertension is Latisse

latisse generic buyWhat is Generic Latisse and how to use it?

Eye problems like glaucoma and ocular hypertension need immediate attention in order to retain the remaining eye sight from being lost. This are eye drops which are very effective in controlling the tension in the eyes. The brand name of this medicine Bimatoprost which has the active ingredient in the strength of 0.03% it is also used for beauty purposes to grow thick and long eye lashes. Latisse is also used by few to grow follicles on eyebrows.

Using this serum is simple and easy. If you are using it for glaucoma, clean your eye and just put one drop in the eye and close the eye. If you are using it for growing eye lashes, then, clean the eye and apply one drop of Bimatoprost on the closed eyelid and blink the eyes a couple of times to spread it. Repeat on the other eye. Make sure to clean any excess medicine.

Bimatoprost available under the brand Careprost is the generic form of Latisse. Available in the bottles of 3ml and 5ml, it also has enough applicators to use for each application. Buying this serum does not mean any compromise on the medicine. It has the same active ingredient 0.03% and hence, one can find noticeable changes in about 4-6 weeks and best results can be noted in 12-16 weeks.

This serum can be easily purchased at a local pharmacy. However, people look to place orders for medicines online due to their easy availability, cheap prices and discounts apart from the reason to avoid the hassle of looking for the medicine at a local pharmacy. Though there are many online pharmacies, one should buy generic Latisse online from a reputed and trusted online pharmacy only. Else you will be risking your money and health as there are plenty of sellers claiming to sell this serum. So, where to buy generic Bimatoprost online? A few things to keep in mind while placing an order for this serum, is to check if the website is trust worthy. For this, you need to check for customer reviews on the quality of the product and their service along with their policies on return, refund and shipping. Also ensure that they have safe payment options. To avoid all the hassle, you can buy generic latisse for sale from remedyroof.com. At remedyroof website, you can buy  Bimatoprost for $15 per 3ml bottle along with free shipping over 6 bottles.