Valtrex is the Sworn Enemy of Herpes and Cold Sores

buy valtrex for treatment of herpesHas your healthcare provider asked you to order Valtrex online? If the answer is in the affirmative, it means that you are a victim of a viral illness. This could be cold sores, genital herpes, shingles or chicken pox. Every single condition is painful and uncomfortable to bear! Fortunately, for you, there is a remedy to reduce the severity of your suffering!

All about Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

You may avail this tablet in two strengths. One is 500 mg, which exhibits bluish hues and has a film coating on it. We refer to it as a caplet, since it has the appearance of a capsule. The other one is 1000 mg, which displays the shape of a capsule too. This film-coated caplet is white in appearance. The ingredients are slightly different in each caplet.

Soon after you consume Valacyclovir, it attacks the virus within your body. As a result, the enemy is unable to multiply and produce more viruses. Additionally, it will not even be able to destroy other healthy cells in the nearby vicinity. Above all, you will no longer prove contagious for other healthy people. This is why the doctor advises you to buy Valtrex, which is the most effective treatment for herpes.

Useful for Herpes and Cold Sores

The Genital Herpes Zoster virus is responsible for affecting your labia, vagina or cervix, if you are a female. In males, it attacks the perineal area. You will experience symptoms like itching, burning or tingling, which are terribly bothersome! The physician will advise you to buy Valtrex for treatment of herpes’ initial episode. The general dosage is 1000 mg twice a day, for the duration of 10 days or so.

It is possible to order Valtrex to treat the symptoms of cold sores, apart from herpes. In this case, the region around your mouth suffers! The same symptoms of tingling, itching or burning show up again. However, your physician might decide to begin with a 2000 mg dose, if the condition is severely painful. He/she may even advise you to repeat the dose after 12 hours.

Be Cautious

It is all too easy to be lured into purchasing drugs in bulk, thanks to advertisements promising attractive discounts. However, can you be sure that in your blind eagerness to order Valtrex pills for treating herpes, you are approaching the right online store? There is no guarantee that you are receiving the genuine goods, and not counterfeit products. Then again, you cannot consume medications as and when you like, without consulting a licensed medical practitioner! Therefore, go about your purchase in the right manner.

Your doctor is well aware that every individual’s constitution is different. Even the intensity of the condition differs from patient to patient. Therefore, the trained expert is best suited to decide what will be most helpful for you.